Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dalca Tulang

I'm sure everybody like curry. Well one of curry meal I like most is Dalca Tulang.

I know it's not that healthy but i love it. The meal complete with vegie, protein , fat and cholesterol. Now I have to control my cholestrol intake. MY husband love dalca tulang so much. From the picture below, the dalca tulang was from my cousing wedding. Very nice. So when I back to KL, I tried to cook it according to my mum's recipe (she 's good in indian cooking).

(sorry no the pic not mengancam as I was in kenduri and we all curi -curi eat it for few times)

Well how to cook.

The process is like make beef curry put this want we use tulang kambing, add with kacang dhal, and sayur like potato, eggplant, carrot, longbean, labu air, green chili and 1 indian sayur.
Cook them for 2 hour let the sayur become lumpy and it's really yummy with white rice, chapati, roti canai, normal bread/baguette/french loaf and the best with beriyani.

The leftover more yummy....

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