Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak

This is our (me and hubby) all time favourite. We bought these ikan patin on our way back home to KL in Temerloh.We bought them along the Sungai Pahang for RM 25 ~ 5 fishes. I had cooked it for 3 times. There's recipe to be shared

Ingredient A
Ikan Patin - a medium size of ikan patin cut to 3 pcs

Ingredient B
3tbps of tempoyak
15 pcs bird eye chili and 2 big red chili
enough water to make gravy
fresh turmeric

Ingredient C
salt to taste
ajinomoto to taste
daun kesum or Vietnamese coriander

blend all ingredient B to make gravy, pour in you pot and cook till boil, Once boil, put in ingredient A then wait till boil then finally add in ingredient C.Simmer for 10 mins and it's ready to be serve with rice, fried turmeric chicken and ulam-ulaman.

For those who doesn't know how is the daun kesum aka Vietnamese coriander looks like, this is the picture.I love the smell and it taste.It was believed those suffering gout can have this as a medicine.enjoy it in gravy or salad (ulam-ulaman)

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